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Spot On Networks Webinars educate building owners and managers on the latest wireless technologies for their buildings including: Wi-Fi Data & Calling, Cellular networks, Public Safety Radio networks, Cabling, Wireless Amenities and more! 

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11/1/22 – 11/3/22


OPTECH Conference Exposition

Las Vegas 


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9/28/22 – 9/30/22


MFE Conference

Las Vegas

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Public Safety DAS/ Emergency Responder Radio Coverage

1pm – 2pm

Building materials can block public safety radio signal from penetrating a building.  Reliable 2-way radio coverage for emergency responders is essential to the safety of responders, residents and tenants.  Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), also known as Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems (ERRCS) provide buildings with necessary 2-way radio coverage to allow first responders to communicate in a building, with dispatch and with responders on the ground.   Public Safety DAS and ERRC satisfy both national and local mandates for radio coverage and ensure that building owners are able to get their building’s Certificate of Occupancy.  Join Jess DaSilva, Chief Marketing Office of Spot On Networks, for a deep dive into Public Safety, national and local mandates, system implementation and process and more.  

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Monetizing Bulk WiFi & Using IoT to Save On Energy

1pm – 2pm

 Join Spot On Networks and Logical Buildings for a deep dive into how building owners can implement managed Wi-Fi and a smart building platform to provide voice and data, lower utility costs, earn demand response revenue, reduce carbon emissions and improve building health.  We will show you how a 70 story, 338 unit, mixed-use skyscraper and can provide residents and tenants with seamless voice and data services and generate a profit of $165,000 over 5 years.

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Affordable Housing Finance Conference



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Voice Coverage Solutions for Multifamily & Commercial Buildings

1pm – 2pm


Join Spot On Networks to discuss various solutions for solving the building voice coverage issue in multitenant and commercial buildings.  We will discuss Wi-Fi Calling (VoWiFi), traditional and hybrid DAS and CBRS.  We will also go into detail about the latest protocols for Wi-Fi and Cellular, WiFi6 and 5G – what the implications are, what the technology delivers and how it applies in-building.  Finally we will review the cost of implementing voice services in a building, which service works best in which building application and how building owners can future proof their properties to prepare for voice and data coverage.

Speakers: Jessica DaSilva, CMO, Spot On Networks

Margot Sherwin, Marketing, Spot On Networks

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Managed Wi-Fi 101: Technology, Benefits & Cost

1pm – 2pm


 Join Spot On Networks CMO, Jess DaSilva, to learn the basics of a Managed Wi-Fi solution.  Jess will discuss network management, Wi-Fi technology, Wi-Fi calling (VoWiFi), the Internet of Things, best practices, cable future-proofing and more.  There will also be an in-depth look at the cost of providing services, how building owners can monetize their Wi-Fi networks and what services are appropriate for different applications. Speaker: Jessica DaSilva, CMO, Spot On Networks

Speaker: Jessica DaSilva

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