The FCC’s recent update of the broadband benchmark to 100 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload, from the previous 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload, signifies a pivotal adjustment reflecting today’s digital lifestyle. This shift is particularly relevant in an era where the average U.S. internet household now accommodates 17 connected devices. For Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs), this change is a call to action, requiring adjustments to ensure top-tier internet connectivity that supports an ever-growing number of devices, including the widespread adoption of streaming platforms like Twitch and comprehensive internet usage for work, entertainment, and daily communication. 

Navigating the New Internet Landscape in MDUs 

  • The Modern MDU Connectivity Challenge: In the face of the FCC’s revised broadband benchmarks and the rising tide of devices per household, MDUs face the dual challenge of upgrading their digital infrastructure while keeping pace with residents’ evolving digital needs. The spotlight on devices and streaming quality, as seen in Twitch’s Broadcasting Guidelines which requires at least 6 Mbps upload, underscores the necessity for robust, high-speed internet for both download and upload speed to support seamless streaming, gaming, and interaction online. 
  • Evolving with the FCC’s Broadband Benchmark: The FCC’s benchmark update is not just about faster speeds but about meeting the demands of a digitally intensive lifestyle where smartphones have overtaken TVs in household prevalence. This evolution aligns with the broader push towards a more connected home environment, where devices such as smart TVs, tablets, and even smart watches become integral to daily life. 

Strategic Adaptations for MDUs 

  1. Infrastructure Investments: To accommodate the bandwidth demands of households teeming with devices, MDUs must prioritize infrastructure upgrades, ensuring the network can handle multiple devices streaming, gaming, or engaging in high-bandwidth activities simultaneously. 
  1. Collaboration with Tech-forward ISPs: Partnering with ISPs that specialize in managed Wi-Fi and DAS solutions, like Spot On Networks, can help MDUs surpass the FCC’s standards, offering residents a seamless digital experience across all their devices. 
  1. Embracing Next-gen Technologies: The adoption of fiber-optic connections, alongside the potential of 5G and Wi-Fi 6, is critical. These technologies are not just about speed but about the capacity to support a high volume of devices and the diverse internet usage patterns seen in modern households. 
  1. Resident Education and Engagement: Keeping residents informed about how to maximize their internet usage and the benefits of the MDU’s digital infrastructure upgrades can lead to higher satisfaction rates. This includes understanding how to optimize their home network for activities like Twitch streaming, which requires specific bitrate, resolution, and framerate settings for optimal broadcast quality. 

The Impact of Meeting the FCC’s Benchmark 

Aligning with the FCC’s updated broadband standards ensures that MDUs are not just compliant but are at the forefront of offering a living experience that meets the expectations of today’s tech-savvy residents. This strategic positioning can significantly enhance tenant acquisition and retention, making high-speed internet a key differentiator in the competitive MDU market. 

The FCC’s revised broadband benchmarks, combined with the explosive growth in household devices and the specific demands of high-quality streaming and online engagement, set a new standard for internet service in MDUs. By investing in infrastructure, partnering with cutting-edge ISPs, leveraging advanced technologies, and engaging residents effectively, MDUs can not only meet but exceed these new expectations, securing their place as leaders in the digital age. 

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