Supply Chain Issues

At Spot On Networks, we understand how critical it is for a project to be delivered on time and on budget. The supply chain issues impacting the global economy have hit the real estate development industry incredibly hard.

Building materials of all kinds have significantly increased in price and lead times of materials have dramatically increased. According to the NAHB, building materials have increased approximately 20% year over year from 2021 to 2022. According to the USDA, wholesale prices of plywood increased nearly 4 times during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These are sadly just two examples of many price increases that have impacted builders recently. As supply chain issues have just recently started to alleviate, the US economy is now facing inflationary pressures driving up the costs of goods and services involved in building real estate. Developers in the multifamily segment must change their purchasing behaviors and processes to ensure materials are delivered on time and at quoted prices from their vendors.

The technology industry is facing similar challenges in the production of various networking equipment. Global supply chain issues has slowed down manufacturing of key components, increased lead times, and inflation has driven up costs. To address these issues, we have taken multiple steps to ensure we can deliver on our managed wireless solutions to MDUs across the country on time and on budget.

Vendor Diversity – We have fully vetted and integrated a variety of manufacturer’s access points, controllers, and switching in our design and support processes to ensure one equipment manufacturer’s supply chain issues does not impact the delivery of your managed wireless project. We continuously research the industry to incorporate the newest technologies and partners to ensure we’re on the cutting edge of delivering scalable managed wireless networks. 

A list of our technology partners can be found: 

Inventory Management – We warehouse and provision our own equipment which enables us to deliver faster than other providers who rely solely on distribution partners. We also leverage our relationships with equipment providers and distributors to keep proper stocking levels and ensure availability to our customers. 

Communication – We work with our MDU property partners during our engagements to understand their critical dates to ensure we can meet them. We are transparent in cost and lead times throughout the entire process across our solution portfolio. Our ability to work with a variety of equipment providers and our in house design expertise allows us flexibility in delivering a solution to meet your required installation time frame. 


We work with MDUs across the country to ensure their managed Wi-Fi and Radio Frequency Solutions are installed on time. We have been diligently working with our various vendors and customers to work through these challenging issues impacting the delivery of solutions.

Is your existing managed wireless vendor having issues with delivering on time? Contact us to learn how we can help.