North Haven, Conn., May 17, 2023 – Spot On Networks, a leading provider of managed Wi-Fi networks for multifamily communities, has announced the completion of the Wi-Fi Bulk project at an affordable housing project located in Johnstown, New York.

The project involved installing Wi-Fi access points in 36 units on the second and third floors, as well as in 16 offices and amenity areas on all three floors.

“We are delighted to have delivered a fast and reliable Wi-Fi network for the residents and businesses at this location,” said Richard Sherwin, CEO of Spot On Networks. “Our experienced team worked closely with the property management team to ensure a seamless installation process, and everyone is thrilled with the results.”

The Wi-Fi Bulk project was designed to provide residents with a reliable and fast internet connection, as well as boost productivity for businesses operating within the community. With the installation of high-speed Wi-Fi access points, residents can now stream videos, play games, and browse the internet without experiencing any buffering or lag time.

The successful completion of this Wi-Fi Bulk project is a testament to Spot On Networks’ commitment to providing custom managed Wi-Fi solutions for multifamily communities. The company offers a range of services, including Managed Wi-Fi and in-building wireless solutions.

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Spot On Networks (“SON”) is a wireless internet service provider and wireless consulting company representing tens of thousands of residential and commercial tenants, nationwide. SON designs deploy and manage carrier-grade Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Calling, and CellBoost® networks to multifamily, senior living, hospitality, retail and commercial buildings. Spot On’s wireless networks are backed by patented network architecture and UserSafe® technology. SON is the leading provider of managed Wi-Fi networks and in-building voice solutions for the U.S. multi-tenant housing market and is a trusted leader in wireless since 2004. SON develops wireless solutions to solve the most pressing problems facing today’s building owners.

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