Installation and deployment of a community-wide CellBoost® 4GLTE Distributed Antenna System in a 23-floor Manhattan senior living residential complex is complete.

New Haven, Conn., Jan. 19, 2022 – Spot On Networks announces the completed deployment of a cellular hybrid Distributed Antenna System (DAS) (tradename CellBoost®) in a luxury senior residential community in Manhattan. The CellBoost® system was an ideal wireless solution for this 215-unit property that had multiple areas with no cellular coverage.

The CellBoost® system allows residents of this high-end, urban, residential property to have access to clear and reliable 4GLTE voice communications throughout the entire property. 

We at Spot On Networks were pleased to assist in augmenting cellular telephone service in this luxury senior living facility,” stated Dick Sherwin, CEO of Spot On Networks. He added, “Because of energy saving materials used in the construction of the building and the significant amount of residents that rely on cellular telephones for primary telephone service, the addition of our CellBoost® service offered residents and staff cellphone service that could not otherwise be provided”. 

Jessica DaSilva, Spot On Networks Chief Marketing Officer commented, “It is essential that Senior Living communities have clear and reliable cellular coverage throughout their property so that residents can stay connected with work, friends, family and doctors. CellBoost® ensures that senior living residents have the cellular coverage they need and that visiting guests have reliable cell coverage when visiting their loved ones.”

About CellBoost®

CellBoost® is a carrier-agnostic hybrid DAS that provides seamless cellular coverage throughout a property for all cellular carriers where signal is available outside. CellBoost® works via a rooftop donor antenna and distributed antenna system to provide cellular coverage to multifamily and commercial building owners at a fraction of the cost of a traditional DAS. 

About Spot On Networks 

Spot On Networks (“SON”) is a wireless internet service provider and wireless consulting company representing tens of thousands of residential and commercial tenants, nationwide. SON designs, deploys and manages carrier grade Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Calling and CellBoost® networks to multifamily, senior living, hospitality, retail and commercial buildings. Spot On’s wireless networks are backed by patented network architecture and UserSafe® technology. SON is the leading provider of managed Wi-Fi networks and in-building voice solutions to the U.S. multitenant housing market and is a trusted leader in wireless since 2004. SON develops wireless solutions to solve the most pressing problems facing today’s building owners. 


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Marketing – Spot On Networks