Installation and deployment of a property-wide, managed Wi-Fi network for voice and data in an Atlanta, GA affordable housing complex is complete.

New Haven, Conn., Nov. 17, 2021Spot On Networks announces the completed deployment of a full community wireless network in an affordable senior housing complex in Atlanta, Ga. This over-55, residential, 124-unit community provides Spot On Network’s services as a free amenity to all of its residents.

The network provides residents of the Atlanta-based, affordable housing complex with high-speed wireless access for data streaming. Residents are able to use their laptops, smartphones, smart TVs and other Wi-Fi enabled devices securely on the network. The network is optimized for seamless Wi-Fi Calling (Voice Over Wi-Fi) coverage throughout the property so that residents and guests may have voice calling and texting ability.

Spot On Networks is pleased to partner with this community to advance better living for seniors in this Atlanta Westside neighborhood,” stated Dick Sherwin, CEO of Spot On Networks. He added, “By offering community-wide wireless high-speed access and managed Wi-Fi services this property provides the ability for seniors to stay safely at home while being able to communicate with family and loved ones, virtually visit, and shop and even work from home.”

Jessica DaSilva, Spot On Networks Chief Marketing Officer added, “Spot On Networks has been a pioneer in providing wireless voice and data communications to affordable housing properties. We built and managed the largest affordable housing Wi-Fi network in the country in 2016 and since then have continued to focus on getting wireless into affordable housing communities.” DaSilva continued, “More states and local governments are mandating wireless broadband in affordable housing, and we are standing by to provide essential communications services to these underserved communities”.

Some key elements of the Wi-Fi network, powered by Spot On Networks, are patented, UserSafe® technology which offers five-layer Wi-Fi security protocol to protect against spoofing, hacking, identity theft and DoS attacks. The unique, seamless coverage throughout the property is possible thanks to patented Tessellated Grid Wi-Fi network architecture which allows residents to remain connected and authenticated everywhere at the property.

About Spot On Networks

Spot On Networks (“SON”) is a wireless internet service provider and wireless consulting company representing tens of thousands of residential and commercial tenants, nationwide. SON designs, deploys and manages carrier grade Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Calling and CellBoost® networks to multifamily, senior living, hospitality, retail and commercial buildings. Spot On’s wireless networks are backed by patented network architecture and UserSafe® technology. SON is the leading provider of managed Wi-Fi networks and in-building voice solutions to the U.S. multitenant housing market and is a trusted leader in wireless since 2004. SON develops wireless solutions to solve the most pressing problems facing today’s building owners.


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