Cellular/ Radio Frequency Site Survey

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In certain cases a complex Wi-Fi system may also require a site survey to confirm network requirements especially in scenarios where Wi-Fi calling is being used or where environment/ building materials need to be taken into consideration.  


There is a cost associated with a site survey and a network design, however that cost is credited back to the customer if the customer elects to use Spot On Network for wireless services. 


About Site Surveys

Wireless systems for the purpose of cellular or public safety radio coverage require a site survey to determine coverage requirements.  Our engineers are able to provide a preliminary proposal for services without doing a site survey, however this proposal is an estimate and needs to be confirmed by a site survey.  

In most cases, the survey will reduce the proposal, especially for cell booster systems if we determine that some  areas have adequate coverage. 


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Request A Site Survey Today

Request A Site Survey Today

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Public Safety Radio Coverage Site Survey

A public-safety site survey needs to be conducted by a General Radio Operator Licensed (GROL) engineer.  Spot On Networks has sub GROL engineers for site surveys.  We use IBWave technology and heat mapping to ensure that the network design is compliant with all national and local coverage mandates including the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and International Fire Code (IFC) mandates.  After the site survey has been conducted a formal network design and report is provided to the customer.