Patented Network Architecture

When it comes to large scale, managed Wi-Fi deployments, network management is not enough.  Spot On Networks holds two patents on it’s Wi-Fi network deployments allowing for a carrier-class Network As A Service (NAAS).



Wi-Fi Patents For Carrier Class
Wireless Networking

Patented Tessellated Grid Network Architecture

Patented Tessellated Grid is a wireless network architecture methodology that utilizes a checkerboard distribution pattern for access point placement.  When it comes to Wi-Fi Network as a Service,  automatic channelization at the access point and device level is not enough.  Tessellated Grid Wi-Fi access point placement ensures that each user  receives uninterrupted signal and maximum connectivity where ever they roam in a building.


Tessellated Grid is especially important when it comes to Wi-Fi Calling where buffering and signal loss can cause calls to drop.  Tessellated Grid ensures that connectivity is fully maintained to each user on the network.

Patented UserSafe® Wi-Fi Security Technology

Wi-Fi is an inherently insecure technology which is why your Wi-Fi Internet Service Provider (WISP) needs to have a strategy for security.  UserSafe®  technology isolates each user on the Wi-Fi network and makes them invisible to everything except the internet.  This allows residents to bank, shop and conduct business securely over Spot On Wi-Fi.  For situations where devices do need to be visible and speak with each other, Spot On creates secure, private VLANs that give each resident their own mini private network.  UserSafe® technology provides end users with protection from hackers, spoofers and identity thieves.  


If you can’t be seen, you can’t be hacked.

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