Access to top-tier internet connectivity proves essential in today’s digital world. So it’s a wonder that network design lacks the consideration and planning that it does.

This holds true for the residents of Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) as well. MDUs (like apartment complexes) require some of the most personalized network design of all use-cases. But with Spot On Networks the end result is always property-wide, secure and stable Wi-Fi!

What is Network Design

Network Design is the strategic plan and implementation of network infrastructure customized to meet the specific needs of MDU residents in addition to the architectural nuances of the building. This is the battle plan that maps out the what/where/how of reliable property-wide Wi-Fi.

Network Design
Spot On Networks provides reliable coverage, fast and secure connection through customized network designs.

Why One-Size-Fits-All Doesn’t Work!

Because of factors like building materials and the density of the units, MDUs present a unique set of challenges. Consequently, every MDU is different, and requires a different plan of attack. At Spot On Networks, these differences aren’t just understood, they are expected.

To ensure superior connection, network security, Wi-Fi coverage, bandwidth management and scalability have to be planned for. A customized network design is therefore, the key to unparalleled connectivity in MDUs!

“Design right and stay connected with zero interruptions. Network designs are the key components to ensure the best Wi-Fi experience for now and the future”

Adonis Collazo on network design
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Each factor influences the devices, coverage, and reliability of the network.

Benefits of Quality Network Design

Network Reliability and Speed– Having the right network design means that the user can expect reliable connection and fast speeds, even during peak usage hours.

Enhanced Privacy and Security– Powerful security features like UserSafe® and network design safeguards resident data and privacy from digital threats.

Support for IoT Devices– From security cameras to smart-fridges, quality network design is essential to connect and control these gadgets and appliances seamlessly.

Coverage Acceptance and Testing – Engineering up front is only half the battle. Once a network is installed, real world testing after installation and after residents move in is critical to ensure the network is optimized. This attention to quality network design yields amazing benefits to MDUs such as committed Service Level Agreements “SLAs” on network speeds, availability, and coverage footprint.

Connection is the Spot On Legacy

In 2005, Spot On CEO Richard (Dick) Sherwin stepped into the managed Wi-Fi specifically with the mission to provide connection to a rapidly-evolving digital world . Consequently, Spot On has spent the better part of 20 years combining superior network design, uncompromising customer support, and digitally secure Wi-Fi connection to the MDU industry.