Dick Sherwin

Chief Executive Officer – Spot On Networks

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Richard “Dick” J. Sherwin was a senior vice president of Graphic Scanning during the formative years of the non-wireline cellular industry. At a critical time in the birth of the cellular industry, old rivalries and distrust could have impeded the ability of non-wireline applicants to reach market-wide settlements and voice hearings and lotteries that would have significantly delayed competitive wireless services. Dick’s determination and honesty won over adversaries and his efforts were key elements in the formation of settlement partnerships that expedited non-wireline service to the public.

He was a member of the board of directors of several of the early non-wireline cellular settlement partnerships that were created in the top 30 markets, and was involved in the senior management of several of the subsequently formed non-wireline companies in markets 31-90. Dick also played a major role in the initial cellular activities of Telocator, the non-wireline trade association as the industry was building out.

Dick subsequently led the efforts of Metromedia Telecommunications to develop wireless properties in Eastern Europe. He was instrumental in establishing approximately 47 telecommunications ventures in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union Republics in the areas of Cellular Mobile Telephony, Cable Television and Radio Paging. He currently heads Spot On Networks, a leading wireless internet service provider offering managed WiFi networks to multi-tenant properties, hotels and commercial spaces.

Jessica DaSilva

Chief Strategy Officer – Spot On Networks

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Jessica has been an integral part in the forward direction and strategic planning of Spot On Networks since 2008. Jessica’s unique combination of marketing and technical skill sets have resulted in an industry-wide successful branding and market positioning for the company.  Under Jessica’s strategic marketing direction, Spot On Networks has positioned itself as the most successful player in managed multi-family.

Jessica studied fine art, marketing and graphic design at The Art Institute of Chicago, SUNY Purchase and The Art Institute.  Jessica has been a writer and blogger on multi-family technology and wireless technology since 2009.

Jessica also owns and operates, B Ultra For Life Fitness, LLC, a corporate wellness consulting company.  Jessica is an avid fitness professional, 100-mile ultramarathoner and personal trainer holding multiple certifications in fitness, nutrition and wellness.  In her off time, Jessica enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, volunteering for Boy Scouts, hiking and gardening.

Ann Langley

Vice President of Operations – Spot On Networks

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Ann Langley is a seasoned professional whose career trajectory exemplifies versatility and leadership. Beginning in the dynamic field of television and broadcasting manufacturing, Ann transitioned into the public safety software realm in 1994 with Software Corporation of America (SCA). Her ten-year tenure at SCA culminated in a pivotal role on the acquisition team during the company’s transition to Motorola in 2003.

At Motorola, Ann’s expertise flourished as she took on the role of Business Development Director, leading with distinction and demonstrating her adaptability through the office’s strategic relocation from Connecticut to Colorado. After a well-deserved hiatus, Ann’s journey came full circle as she joined Spot On Networks in New Haven, CT, in September 2006, reuniting with her former SCA colleagues. For 15 years, she was at the forefront of the HR/Administrative team, a testament to her leadership and commitment.

January 2023 marked a new chapter for Ann as she assumed the role of EVP of Operations at Spot On Networks, bringing her invaluable experience and vision to the forefront of the company’s growth. With an Associate’s Degree from Katherine Gibbs, complemented by a suite of certifications from Motorola and the University of Phoenix, Ann’s commitment to lifelong learning stands as an integral part of her professional ethos.

Beyond her professional achievements, Ann is an avid aficionado of the culinary arts, enjoying nothing more than entertaining and preparing meals for her friends and family. Her passion for culture leads her to revel in the world of literature, cinema, and the magic of Broadway musicals. Balancing her time between New York and Cape Cod, MA, Ann finds joy in the comforts of home and the serenity of the seaside.

Pride of place in Ann’s life is reserved for her two accomplished daughters, whose careers in Massachusetts are a source of immense pride, and for the journey she has shared with her husband, David, over the past 30 years. As Ann approaches her 18th year with Spot On Networks in 2024, she reflects on a career not just defined by professional success but enriched by personal fulfillment and a deep connection to her community.

Ann Langley

Jonathan Peterson

Sr. Vice President of Revenue

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Jonathan Peterson serves as the Senior Vice President of Revenue at Spot On Networks, where his expertise in finance and strategic revenue generation contributes to the company’s position as a premier provider of managed wireless solutions for multi-family communities.

A proud alumnus of Western Governors University, Jonathan earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting, a testament to his meticulous financial acumen and business savvy. Before ascending to his current executive role, he cultivated a diverse background in the hospitality sector. His experience ranges from managing the fast-paced environment of bars and restaurants to maintaining the financial backbone of these establishments as a bookkeeper. These roles not only sharpened his leadership and customer service skills but also deepened his understanding of operational financial oversight.

Jonathan’s multifaceted background informs his innovative approach to revenue strategies at Spot On Networks. His ability to synthesize complex financial data into actionable growth plans sets him apart. Colleagues and clients alike value his analytical prowess and the collaborative spirit he brings to every project. Dedicated to both customer satisfaction and team success, Jonathan Peterson is a linchpin in driving Spot On Networks’ financial strategies forward.

Jon Peterson

Matt Tyre

VP of Sales – Spot On Networks

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Matt Tyre has over 10 years of experience in the wireless industry in a variety of sales and operations leadership positions. Matt started his career in telecommunications in 2011 at an Internet of Things startup, Wyless, which he helped grow and lead to a successful acquisition in 2016. He served as the Global Director of Sales where he created the global sales and account management organizations in North America and Europe. Recently Matt served as VP of Channel Sales at now publicly traded Kore Wireless and Director of Sales IOT at Silicon Valley based and publicly traded Twilio.

Matt brings a unique perspective to Spot On Networks as he has helped lead multiple hypergrowth organizations in the wireless space. Matt is passionate about customer success and building scalable processes that will lead to a win-win between the organization and the customers they serve.  

Matt studied Marketing and Economics at Merrimack College in North Andover, MA.

When he’s not thinking of ways to grow Spot On Networks, Matt occasionally dreams of the next New England Patriots football dynasty.