About Spot On Networks

Spot On Mission


Our mission is to keep humans connected with the people, moments and tasks that are most important to them using innovative technology and reliable wireless solutions. We strive to increase the value and attractiveness of the communities we serve. We believe that the wireless services we provide are vital utilities that enhance lives. 



Our History

Providing Wireless Solutions To Building Owners Since 2005


Spot On Networks began in 2005 as a wireless internet service provider (WISP). At that time most people did not even know what Wi-Fi was! Spot On leadership had the vision that we would soon live in a totally wireless world, that the average person would be able to walk around and use their laptop, phone and the internet anywhere…that staying connected would become one of the most important tenets of our society. Spot On decided to begin offering Wi-Fi services in the multifamily housing industry due to the high density of users in a compact space and the attractiveness of being able to stay connected throughout the entire property.

In the early years, it was very hard to convince building owners that Wi-Fi was a service residents would want or need. Once the smartphone was introduced, however, everything changed. The average person cut the cord, cancelled their landline and turned to streaming for more choice. The furthering of social media made staying connected everywhere all the time a must. Building owners whose residents did not have smartphone service in their building demanded that service be provided. Wi-Fi had gone from a luxury to a necessity almost overnight. This trend has continued year after year.

Today Wi-Fi has been accepted as the best solution to provide wireless services inside of a building. This year both WiFi6 and 5G will begin to really take off and the Wi-Fi and cellular industries have finally come together to ensure that the two technologies are compatible and seamless. In the last 5 years mobile data traffic has grown 53%, the average household will generated 140% more traffic this year than last and in the next three years Wi-Fi speeds on mobile devices will triple from 30 Mbps to over 90 Mbps. Multifamily properties are being built with wireless amenities like keyless entry, transit screens, fitness equipment, wireless HVAC, wireless A/V and more! Most recently with the impact of Covid-19, being able to educate and work from home has become an absolute necessity. We are truly living in a wireless world.

Spot On Networks provides a suite of wireless services to ensure that building owners can remain competitive and provide their residents, tenants and staff with essential wireless services including: Wi-Fi data, Wi-Fi Calling, In-building Cellular booster systems and in-building public safety radio coverage for first responders.