In the world of managed Wi-Fi services, experience is key. It’s the linchpin that ensures innovation, client satisfaction, and reliability. So it is no surprise that Spot On Networks has been spearheading the bulk-wifi movement. With 18 years in the game, Spot On Networks has gained the experience to better anticipate and prepare for the constantly evolving digital landscape.

Humble Beginnings

Like many companies, Spot On Networks had it’s origins in humble beginnings. Even then, Spot On Networks’ CEO Richard Sherwin held an unwavering vision of helping to shape the Wi-Fi industry. The journey to success had its challenges though. It was through these trials that Spot On Networks laid the foundation for excellence, setting the stage for a remarkable journey

We were founded in 2005 by people who had been in the cellular telephone and radio paging businesses in the United States and the former Soviet Union.  It was from the experience in the Former Soviet Union that we developed  an understanding of Multifamily Residential buildings, since 95% of those citizens live in those concrete block buildings with little radio frequency penetration.

Richard “Dick” Sherwin

Spot On Networks expanded over the years to meet the evolving needs of its clients. Punctuated by groundbreaking innovation and significant achievement, the journey propelled the company to the top of the managed Wi-Fi industry. Spot On Networks’ success has been a testament to their dauntless commitment to quality of service and setting industry standards.

Spot On Networks Decades in WiFi

A Proven Track Record

With extensive experience, Spot On Networks brings unparalleled expertise to the managed Wi-Fi industry. Spot On Networks has translated 18 years of experience into a reliable and seamless Wi-Fi experience for its clients. The end result? A long list of satisfied clients and successful projects.

Eyes to the Future

In the realm of technology, innovation is key and staying ahead of the curve is essential. Spot On Networks consistently demonstrates its adaptability to the changing dynamics of the digital world. Over the years, the digital space has become more predatory and dangerous. Spot On Networks answered this by introducing, UserSafe® (a patented security feature) to answer the increased wave of scamming and identity theft.

With the majority of the population relying so heavily on the internet, Spot On quickly realized that there was a population that was being left behind because they lacked the financial resources and infrastructure to succeed. Spot On Networks answered that call by making a commitment to creating connection for all.

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Said about the completion of the Wi-Fi Bulk project at an affordable housing project located in Johnstown, New York.

Technology Forward

In addition to the commitment to client satisfaction, Spot On Networks continues to invest in testing and acquiring the latest in technological advances. Spot On Networks embraces what it means to push the boundaries of what is possible in managed Wi-Fi!

The Spot On Focus on Talent

Behind the curtain of Spot on Networks is a phenomenally talented team of individuals. Spot On Networks understands and appreciates the need to invest in and nurture the talents and expertise of their employees. They do this by fostering a environment that promotes the continuous improvement of skill and industry knowledge. It’s an investment that pays off in the output of top-tier service for the clients.

The journey doesn’t end there. Spot On Networks is tireless in it’s commitment to delivering on the promise of high standards. The future holds great promise, and Spot On Networks is positioned to seize it!

Spot On Networks invites potential clients and partners to explore the range of opportunities that exist with a successful collaboration. If you are seeking a cutting edge managed Wi-Fi solution, reach out today and let’s embark on the next leg of this journey together!