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CellBoost is a passive distributed antenna solution that brings outdoor cellular coverage into a building eliminating cellular dead zones.  CellBoost is a carrier-agnostic and quick to install technology that solves the in-building voice coverage problem for a fraction of the cost of a traditional DAS.

CellBoost 4GLTE Passive Distributed Antenna System

CellBoost 4GLTE Passive Distributed Antenna System

For multifamily and commercial buildings that experience a total lack of in-building cellular coverage OR buildings needing coverage in certain areas, CellBoost is a great solution.  CellBoost is a passive distributed antenna system that uses a donor antenna on the rooftop to bring outdoor cellular coverage into a building.  Any carrier that has coverage present outside the building can be brought inside with CellBoost.  CellBoost is a fraction of the cost of a traditional distributed antenna system.  Read more about CellBoost below.

CellBoost Passive DAS FAQ

CellBoost Passive DAS FAQ

How Does CellBoost Work?

CellBoost is a passive distributed antenna system that uses a donor antenna on the rooftop to take the cellular coverage that is outside and blast in throughout the building.  CellBoost can be used throughout an entire property or only in areas where coverage is poor.  CellBoost is a carrier agnostic technology which means that any carrier with coverage outside can be blasted into the building on one system.

How Much Does CellBoost Cost?

The average cost of a CellBoost system is $0.70/ square foot.  Compared to the Cost of a traditional DAS system which can run upwards of $2.50/ sq. ft., CellBoost is a much more cost effective solution.

How Does CellBoost Differ From A Traditional DAS?
  • Architecture: A traditional Distributed Antenna System (DAS) works by using a base station transceiver inside the building and essentially creating a mini cell site out of the building.  CellBoost uses a donor antenna on the roof top and works from outside in.
  • Carrier Approvals: Traditional DAS requires carrier approval.  CellBoost does not require carrier approval.
  • Power: Traditional DAS requires power at every antenna and uses fiber which makes the system cost prohibitive to most building owners.  CellBoost uses copper and does not require power at the antennas.
  • Coverage Requirements: Outdoor coverage must be present to use CellBoost.  Traditional DAS does not require coverage outdoors.
  • Lead Time: CellBoost can be installed and online in a couple of months whereas DAS can take a year or more to get installed.
  • Call Quality: There is no difference between the Call Quality of a traditional and passive DAS system.
  • Cost: CellBoost is about 1/5 the cost of DAS.
When Should We Install CellBoost vs. Wi-Fi Calling?

In 2019 and 2020, the majority of our multifamily customers elect to put in a Wi-Fi Calling system due to its versatility, ability to provide high speed data coverage and future-proofing.  CellBoost is a great solution to get cellular coverage into a building quickly for lease-up, into the demo units, lobbies and amenity areas.  While we do still have some multifamily customers who choose CellBoost, we are seeing this technology phase out and be replaced with Wi-Fi.

For commercial properties needing cellular coverage, Wi-Fi Calling may not be the best option due to the high amounts of guest traffic.  In this case we would typically recommend CellBoost.  

What Carriers Are Supported By CellBoost?

CellBoost is a carrier agnostic system which means that any carrier with coverage present outside will be blasted into the building with CellBoost.  One system supports all carrier coverage.

Does CellBoost Work If There Is No Signal Outside?

No.  If there is no outdoor cell coverage present, CellBoost will not work.  

How Are Coverage Areas Deteremined?

Spot On cellular engineers will conduct an exhaustive site survey of your property to determine necessary areas of coverage and coverage requirements.  You will receive a site survey report and heat map showing coverage needs.  If you elect to install a CellBoost system at your property, the cost of the site survey is credited to the cost of your CellBoost system.

Does CellBoost Have To Be Deployed Property-Wide?

No.  CellBoost can be deployed property-wide or in specific areas requiring coverage.  CellBoost is a great solution for properties who have cellular dead zones in certain areas.  We have many customers who choose to install Wi-Fi calling for residents throughout their property, but install CellBoost in the leasing center and display unit for guests who are viewing properties.  CellBoost can also be installed in garages, corridors and elevators. 

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