Spot On Networks (SON) stands as a bastion of managed Wi-Fi solutions, playing a pivotal role in bridging the digital divide and enhancing the lives of residents across various communities. This case study amalgamates feedback from three distinct surveys to demonstrate the transformative impact of SON’s services in multifamily dwelling units (MDUs). 

The Challenge:

In the modern era, seamless internet connectivity is not just a convenience but a necessity. The surveyed properties faced unique challenges, from providing stable internet for maintenance staff across a 14-building property to meeting the technological needs of its residents. Ensuring reliable and accessible internet connection for residents and staff alike remained a critical need. 

The Solution:

SON’s managed Wi-Fi solutions were deployed to address these diverse challenges. Recommendations from peers, the desire to streamline maintenance work, and the need for resident verification before connectivity were key factors that influenced the decision to choose SON. 

The Outcome:

The installation of SON services has led to multiple positive outcomes: 

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The reliable Wi-Fi connection has streamlined maintenance work, providing maintenance staff access to internet-based software throughout the property. 
  • Resident Satisfaction: Free Wi-Fi service has been well-received, with residents expressing happiness and enjoying the service provided. 
  • Cost Savings: Integration of SON’s service led to significant cost savings by consolidating various individual networks into a single, efficient network. 
  • Strategic Alignment: SON’s Wi-Fi services align with Ownership’s objectives, offering quality homes and responsive service, thus improving tenants’ lives and enabling better educational and economic outcomes. 

CEO’s Insight: Metropolitan Realty Group CEO Scott Jaffee, highlighted how SON’s services align with their strategic goals, contributing to cost savings and enhancing their branding. The addition of internet on properties has been met with positive shifts in resident satisfaction

“We have a long history of partnering with community-based, socially conscious organizations to expand the services we offer our residents. Spot On Networks has helped us differentiate by allowing us to offer fast and reliable internet to bridge the digital divide for our residents.”  

– Scott Jaffee – CEO Metropolitan Realty Group

Recommendations and Future Prospects:

SON’s solutions have been recommended for their professional service and easy communication. Looking forward, the deployment of technologies like parking lot gates and security systems are anticipated, with SON’s infrastructure providing the backbone for these innovations. 

Spot On Networks has not only provided a robust Wi-Fi service but also empowered property owners to improve their operational efficiency, resident satisfaction, and competitive positioning in the market. The foresight of SON’s technology is paving the way for a future-proof living environment, enhancing communities one connection at a time. 

“Our company’s philosophy is rooted in a commitment to improving our tenants’ lives by providing safe, quality homes, and responsive service. Managed Wi-Fi from Spot On Networks enables us to bridge the digital divide for our residents and improve education and economic outcomes in our communities.” 

– Scott Jaffee – CEO Metropolitan Realty Group

This case study was developed through the consolidation of direct feedback from property managers, project managers, and a CEO, reflecting the comprehensive benefits of Spot On Networks’ managed Wi-Fi services.