In the heart of urban convenience and lifestyle, The Capstone, managed by Veris Residential, stands as a beacon of modern living. With a diverse resident demographic, the need for reliable, fast, and accessible internet connectivity has never been more paramount. Enter Spot On Networks, a leader in managed Wi-Fi solutions, providing The Capstone with unparalleled digital connectivity since April 2021.

The Challenge

In an era where work-from-home arrangements, cellphone usage and digital entertainment are the norms, The Capstone faced the challenge of offering its residents a seamless online experience. The diverse demographic, from young professionals to families, demanded a robust WiFi solution that could cater to various needs, including streaming, gaming, and teleconferencing.

The Solution

Spot On Networks deployed its managed WiFi service, ensuring comprehensive coverage across The Capstone. The solution promised not just connectivity but reliability, speed, and ease of access, crucial for the residents’ satisfaction and the property’s digital infrastructure’s overall efficiency. A key reason for implementing this advanced solution was to address the poor cell service in the area through Wi-Fi Calling. Spot On’s innovative approach, utilizing Tessellated Grid Design, guarantees seamless service throughout the building. This design allows residents to make and receive calls without interruption, even as they move around the building, ensuring that calls are not dropped—a significant enhancement to the quality of life for everyone at The Capstone.

Impact and Results

  • Reliability and Speed: Residents reported a significant improvement in internet reliability and speed, supporting a variety of online activities without lag or downtime.
  • Ease of Access: The intuitive connection process and 24/7 customer support from Spot On Networks meant residents could easily access the internet whenever needed, enhancing user satisfaction.
  • Customer Support: Spot On Networks’ responsive and knowledgeable customer support team played a critical role in the smooth operation of The Capstone’s Wi-Fi service, addressing issues promptly and efficiently.
  • Resident Satisfaction: The feedback from residents was overwhelmingly positive, with high marks in all surveyed categories, underscoring the effectiveness of Spot On Networks’ managed Wi-Fi solution.

Residents of The Capstone have praised the managed Wi-Fi for its reliability and the professional support provided, highlighting the significant enhancement in their daily digital experiences.

A Successful Partnership

The collaboration between The Capstone and Spot On Networks exemplifies the transformative impact of expertly managed Wi-Fi services on residential living. By prioritizing reliable connectivity, speed, and ease of access, Spot On Networks has not only met the digital needs of The Capstone’s residents but has also set a new standard for residential Wi-Fi solutions.