1. Smart Home Connectivity – 2021 is all about the Smart Home. Tech savvy renters are looking for a totally connected lifestyle. Our building owner clients are scrambling to install everything from keyless entry to smart lighting to WiFi enabled appliances to differentiate themselves in today’s competitive rental market. When it comes to IoT and Smart Home Connectivity two things cannot be compromised on: a) WiFi network management and b) security. Spot On ensures that your residents have the data capacity for a reliable experience on all their devices. In addition, IoT devices can be notoriously insecure. Spot On holds a patent on its 5-layer security protocol to ensure that your residents and your property is guarded from hacking, spoofing and identity theft.

2. Provide Data Coverage & Capacity That Can Handle Streaming, Telework & Remote Learning – While we are all looking toward the light at the end of the Pandemic tunnel, COVID-19 has forever changed the way we live. In a moment of necessity, we all learned that we can rely on connectivity to stay in touch with our loved ones, attend school, go to work and be productive. That is not going away. Residents are going to demand that their apartment homes provide fast and reliable data connectivity that allows them to live a remote lifestyle.

3. Provide Seamless WiFi Calling Coverage – Spot On is the only managed WiFi provider that offers Tessellated Grid Design, a patented WiFi network architecture that allows for seamless WiFi calling throughout an entire property and handoff between cellular and WiFi. Today’s multifamily building are designed with energy saving building materials that block cell signal – Spot On WiFi fixes the voice coverage issue saving building owners from needing to install expensive cellular solutions like DAS (Distributed Antenna System).

4. Tech-Up Amenity Spaces – Peleton Bikes and The Mirror in fitness spaces. Grab and go wellness items in wireless kiosks in the lobby. Wireless concierge services for everything from food deliver to dog walking. High-speed community workspaces. Gaming spaces, recording studios and virtual creativity classes. These are the amenities that building owners are using to set their property apart from the competition. Virtually every new amenity requires the use of a managed WiFi backbone. WiFi reliability is key – the amenities at your property are only as reliable and impressive as the network that supports them.

5. Generate Revenue – Spot On provides building owners with multiple models for providing residents with WiFi. Building owners can provide free WiFi throughout the building or choose to offer residents a subscription options in their units. Spot On handles the subscriptions and billing the resident and passes subscription revenue back to the building owner. Subscription models are a great option for building owners who are looking to offset the cost of the WiFi network.

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