Managed Wi-Fi for Apartments

Managed Wi-Fi Internet Service for Multifamily Apartment Complexes.

Cell Booster for Apartments

CellBoost Distributed Antenna System for In-Building Cell Coverage

Public Safety DAS

In-Building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) provides 2-Way radio coverage for emergency responders.

Wi-Fi Calling For In-Building Voice

Wi-Fi Calling voice coverage for multifamily apartment buildings.  Clear, reliable and seamless roaming.

Wireless Services

Wireless Services for MDU Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi

Property-wide coverage, high speed data for streaming, seamless Wi-Fi calling, remote monitoring and equipment replacement.  24/7 network operations center and support.

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Wi-Fi Calling

Cost effective in-building voice coverage.  Seamless and reliable calling over Wi-Fi throughout the entire property.  24/7 support for residents and network monitoring.

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Passive distributed antenna system.  Cellular coverage is captured via a rooftop antenna and blasted through your building.  Can be used property-wide or spot coverage as required.

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RF & Cellular Site Survey

Exhaustive site survey of your property to determine coverage requirements for both cellular and radio frequency coverage.  Heat mapping and reporting.

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IoT Backbone

Wireless backbone and support for the Internet of Things.  Smart property operations, smart apartments, wireless amenities – we build the network to ensure your investment in IoT works.  

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In-Building wireless services are essential to residents as running water.  Spot On Networks provides multifamily and commercial buildings with in-building cellular and Wi-Fi services to satisfy residents and tenants. 

Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Multifamily Apartments

Property-wide Wi-Fi and Voice networks for multifamily property residents, amenity-area Wi-Fi and support for IoT amenities.


Guest Wi-Fi/ hotel Wi-Fi that earns your hotel the best online ratings for high-speed access! 24/7 support for your hotel guests.  Cell booster service for hotels.

Commercial & Mixed Use

Spot On Networks uses a combination of patented technologies to provide wireless services that meet the varying demands of tenants, residents and employees in a shared space.

Affordable Housing

Spot On Networks believes in “Bridging the Digital Divide.” Everyone has a right to broadband access and we are committed to providing the affordable housing industry with cost effective and reliable wireless internet and voice solutions. 


Light up your town greens, parks, public transit stations and more with Spot On Networks. Towns, communities, and economies flourish when they provide the public with high speed Wi-Fi.

Student Housing

Students stream data like no one else!  Spot On managed student Wi-Fi ensures that students can stream, game, work and be social throughout their property.


Technology & Patents

UserSafe Security


Not all Wi-Fi is created equal. UserSafe is a patented technology developed by Spot On Networks that guards residents from hacking, spoofing and identity theft.

Tessellated Grid Design

tessellated grid

Patented Tessellated Grid Design ensures that your residents get a voice experience in your building equal to or better than cellular. Tessellated Grid is only available from Spot On Networks.

Wi-Fi Analytics: Understanding Tenant Usage Patterns

In Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs), understanding tenant behavior is crucial. Wi-Fi analytics emerges as a pivotal tool in this context, offering deep insights into how tenants interact with Wi-Fi networks. Let’s delve into the world of Wi-Fi analytics, exploring its...

Attract and retain residents with Managed Wi-Fi.

  Spot On Networks is here to help! We provide the Managed Wi-Fi your residents desire.  Attract and retain residents at your MDU property with seamless Wi-Fi connectivity.  Learn more about our solution here:

Managed Wi-Fi: The Key to Happy Residents

In today's digital age, reliable Wi-Fi has become as essential as running water. At Spot On Networks we understand the importance of providing a secure and seamless connectivity experience for your residents. With our Managed Wi-Fi solution, it's easy to increase...

Spot On Networks Successfully Completes Affordable Housing Wi-Fi Bulk Project

North Haven, Conn., May 17, 2023 – Spot On Networks, a leading provider of managed Wi-Fi networks for multifamily communities, has announced the completion of the Wi-Fi Bulk project at an affordable housing project located in Johnstown, New York. The project involved...

Spot On Networks Announces Partnership with Sandler Partners to Expand Multifamily Wi-Fi Services

North Haven, Conn., April 4, 2023 – Spot On Networks, a leading provider of wireless internet and managed Wi-Fi services for multifamily communities, is proud to announce its partnership with Sandler Partners, a leading independent Technology Solutions Distributor....

Spot On Networks Completes Portfolio-Wide Installation of Amenity Area Wi-Fi Networks in NJ and PA

Deployment of multiple amenity area Wi-Fi networks installed across a portfolio of luxury residential housing properties across New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Spot On Networks Completes Property-Wide Installation Wi-Fi Network in Jersey City Luxury High Rise

Installation and deployment of a community-wide Wi-Fi network in a luxury high-rise multifamily property located in Jersey City, New Jersey is complete.

IoT Adoption in MDUs

What is IoT Adoption? IoT adoption is growing across all industries worldwide, including in themultifamily real estate segment. Specific to the MDU segment it is often called “Proptech” or Property Technology. Recent data suggests almost 50% of MDU properties have at...

Supply Chain Issues

Supply Chain IssuesAt Spot On Networks, we understand how critical it is for a project to be delivered on time and on budget. The supply chain issues impacting the global economy have hit the real estate development industry incredibly hard. Building materials of all...

Spot On Networks Completes Installation of Bulk Wi-Fi Network in Dallas, TX

Installation and deployment of a property-wide managed Wi-Fi network for data and voice calling in a Dallas, TX affordable housing complex is complete New Haven, Conn., May 26, 2022 – Spot On Networks announces the completed deployment of a property-wide Wi-Fi network...

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