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Wi-Fi Internet for Your Smartphone

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Using Your Smartphone Over Wi-Fi FAQs
  • How can I use my Smartphone over Spot On's Wi-Fi network?
  • You can use your Smartphone over Wi-Fi to browse the Internet, move data, respond to email, download video and make phone calls (even when you have no cellular coverage). All these things can be done faster and with a more reliable signal than on the 3G network.

  • How can Mobile Spot On Wi-Fi help me to save money on my existing cellular bill?
    Because we offer Free Unlimited Data transfer for Smartphone users with every Spot On Wi-Fi plan, you can choose the least expensive data plan that your cellular provider allows and use your Smartphone over the Spot On network.

  • Are there data limits when I use my Smartphone over the Spot On Network?
  • No, there are no data limits with Spot On. We offer Free Unlimited Data with any Spot On Wi-Fi Internet plan.

  • How do I set up my Smartphone for use over the Wi-Fi network?
  • Call Spot On at 877.768.6687 and a Spot On customer service representative will set you up with service in a one-step process. All you will need is the MAC code of the Smartphone to make sure it signs on automatically. You will need a Skype subscription

  • What is MAC authentication? Is it safe and secure?
  • MAC authentication is a process whereby your Smartphone is automatically registered to the Spot On network. Whenever your Smartphone is registered on the Spot On Network, data transmission is digitized and encrypted, keeping data safe and secure.

  • Will my cell phone automatically go from the Spot On network back to regular cell service when I am out of Spot On service coverage?
    For T-MobileĀ® subscribers, your Smartphone will automatically roam, seamlessly from cell coverage to Spot On Wi-Fi coverage. Your voice calls will transfer between the networks. For other carriers, data operations will operate on whichever network the Smartphone links at any given instance; however, voice calls will be disconnected once the Smartphone links to a different network.

  • What speeds can I expect from Mobile Spot On service?
    Depending on the plan you select and the property you are at, speeds will vary from 2-10 megabits per second

  • Can I use my Internet at the same time as my cell phone with Mobile Spot On service?
    If you have two different devices (i.e. Smartphone and a laptop), then you need two different IDs if you want to use them simultaneously. Please view our plan details.

  • How does adding Smartphone Wi-Fi access with Spot On Networks affect my existing cell service plan?
  • Spot On Mobile service reduces the number of minutes and data transmission requirement while you are linked to the Spot On Wi-Fi network*. You should be able to reduce your cell service plan minutes to save money and eliminate any overage on your data plan.

    *Not all Smartphones apply, service may vary by property. For a list of properties and devices please call customer service at 877-768-6687. Qualified subscribers must have Skype in order to save cell minutes. To download instructions for making a Skype call or connecting your Smartphone to the network, click here.
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