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Read What Customers and Properties
are saying about GuestWiFi & Spot On Networks!

Spot On Networks has run circles around Comcast. Our residents as well as our office staff are extremley satisfied with their superior and friendly customer service and super speedy service. Spot On is Right On!

Property Leasing Agent
At first I was skeptical about signing up for Spot On since I had never heard of them before. The leasing team convinced me to give it a try and I have been pleasantly surprised- the service has exceeded my expectations. Getting on line was fast and easy and the Spot On customer service has also been great.

Avalon Blue Hills Resident
Spot On Wi-Fi has been the best Internet experience ever!

C. Liggio Resident Cite - Miami, FL
Hi Spot On. I will miss using your Wi-Fi service – I have been with you for 3 years! I am moving to a new apartment community that doesn’t have your service and am determined to convince the property management to put your network in! Thanks again for 3 great years of super Wi-Fi service.

M. E. McCann
Former Subscriber

[Our property]was extremely appreciative that we were chosen from Spot On to receive 3 one year free subscriptions. Out of all the properties it was a great feeling as members of [our property's] team to know we were picked for this honor. It definitely proved to be an effective incentive when [we] were touring. We told our prospective residents that we had 3 one free year internet subscriptions and the next 3 apartments we rent would be the lucky ones to receive them. Our clients definitely took this in high regard and all 3 were gone within a week of having them. We thank you very much for the opportunity and look forward to working with Jennifer and Spot On again real soon.

Property Manager
The leasing party went great! We had everyone rushing to get their leases signed and back into us in order to get the complimentary Wi-Fi internet. Of course, having the incentive helps because it creates a sense of urgency for the residents and allows us to secure their leases earlier. This, in effect, gives us a more accurate outlook on our long term occupancy projections. For example, instead of waiting until 30 days before their lease expires to renew it, they will renew up to 120 days earlier in order to be one of people who qualify for the complimentary Wi-Fi internet service. I love the program!

Crystal Dukes
Assistant Property Manager
Greenbrier Apartments

These were not the first wireless installations in our management portfolio, but they were by far the most trouble-free. Spot-On was thoroughly professional in completing every aspect of its work and provided a cost-effective alternative to its competitors. They know their business, met their deadlines, and most importantly, our residents are satisfied. Not one complaint was received from the nearly 600 households receiving wireless internet service. I am pleased to recommend their services to anyone who needs a wireless internet installation, large or small.

J. Brandin, COO
First Realty Management

Archstone Archstone partnered with Spot On Networks early in 2008 to help with a multi-community deployment for wireless service in our residential common areas. Spot On was able to fully evaluate each of the communities and develop a design that would fit our needs and our budget. This valuable partnership has been critical to the successful deployment of multiple communities for this much desired amenity to our residents. Spot On’s ability to deliver a full turn-key solution creates a one-stop shop allowing us to manage only one vendor. In addition, this full turn-key service allows our staff to worry less about the installation and maintenance and more on our day-to-day needs of the residents. The 24 hour support allows us to have the piece of mind that someone is always there to help with our technical needs. I am pleased to recommend their services to anyone who needs a wireless internet installation, large or small.

A. Moeller, Telecommunications Development Analyst

Since Spot On has come on board with us at Ceebraid-Signal Management in Ct. we have seen much drive and growth in the system and the company. The sales team has always been approachable and outstanding with all of my staff. The technicians and supervisors have always attended to our requests and needs in a timely fashion. My family and I personally use Spot On as well and are very satisfied with what it has to offer as far as quality and speed. I have been with Ceebraid-Signal Management for over 20 years and I look forward to many future years with Spot On as part of our organization.

E. Gublet
Property Manager
Ceebraid-Signal Management

I want to commend Mike in tech support who spent a long time helping me to set up and was very patient today. Among the best customer service experiences I have ever had in my life- fantastic job.

J. Wheeler
Springville Mill Apartments

When I moved into my apartment, I had trouble getting my Wi-Fi-ready mobile phone to connect to the SpotOn network. I called the technical support line. The problem required a lot of hard work, patience, and incredible persistence to resolve, yet they didn’t give up and got my Wi-Fi ready mobile phone to work properly. That wouldn't happen in many companies! It was a wonderful testimony to the corporate culture at Spot On Networks and to the company's dedication to customer satisfaction. Thank you!

T. Prives
Parkside Place

My experience with Spot On was a very pleasant one. Initially I had difficulties with reception, but with Spot On competence, diligence and pleasant attitude the problem was diagnosed and my service was never a problem after that. And all this for such an affordable price. I only wish I could have Spot-On where I am now.

D. Coppola
Former Subscriber